Family Portrait Session FAQ's

Congratulations if you have booked your portrait session already. If not, don't worry you can do so here.

Please find below some of our most frequently asked questions which may help you prepare for your portrait session with no last minute surprises or disappointments.

Who will be my photographer?

We have an extensive team of professional photographers. We cannot guarantee who your photographer will be, this depends on availability on the day. However, rest assured that all staff receive regular ongoing training and guidance and ALL do an equally AMAZING JOB!

Family Portrait Sessions at Tangalooma Island Resort

How long will it take?

This depends on which package you have ordered (session only or pre-paid session & all files). If you have booked the session only, then expect approximately 45 minutes for your photo shoot, however, at the time of your photo shoot we will organise another appointment for you to view your photos, (usually at a mutually convenient time the following day), this session too will take around 45 minutes where you can view and purchase your prints/files accordingly.

If you booked the pre-paid session & all files option, then allow around 45 minutes for the photo shoot and about a further 15 minutes to save and burn your files to a USB drive, (collectable on the day or before you depart).

Family Portrait Sessions at Tangalooma Island Resort

What if it rains?

We can control many things, but unfortunately not the weather. If it rains, (and if it look like your session time will be too wet to do), we will contact you in advance to see if you would like an alternative time. We watch the weather forecast very closely, and know weather patterns so we're happy to advise you of your best option closer to your scheduled time. Sometimes, cloudy weather can make for some of the best sunsets, and we don't want you to miss out on that opportunity!

Family Portrait Sessions at Tangalooma Island Resort

What to wear/bring?

This is a GREAT question!

From a photographic perspective it is best to wear clothing that doesn't age, and looks similar to what other members of your family are wearing.

Some ideas include:

  • Denim & white or black shirts.
  • Neutral coloured clothing, eg grey, white, black.
  • Beach themed clothing eg thongs, denim shorts etc

Things to avoid:

  • LOUD clothing eg hawaiian shirts, striped shirts, bright shirts eg neon etc.
  • Distracting clothing, eg clothing with prominent text on it.
  • Striped clothing

Where possible try to look similar to other members of the group. We prefer the informal look as it suits the casual beach location best, and will often get your shoes/thongs off and get you walking along the waters edge.


We don't usually use props, (other than what mother nature provides us eg palm trees etc). But if you children have a favourite teddy, toy or item, you're welcome to bring them along. Remember, it's better to have them and not use them than not have them at all!

Some prop ideas:

  • Beach Ball
  • Teddy bear
  • Flowers
  • Wine glasses and wine
Family Portrait Sessions at Tangalooma Island Resort

What if I have to cancel?

We understand that things don't always go to plan. If you need to cancel for any reason, we will give you a full refund provided you cancel with more than 3 hours notice to us. Alternatively, if you would prefer another time we can reschedule your appointment when possible to a better time that suits you and your family.

Family Portrait Sessions at Tangalooma Island Resort

What to expect?

This is a another GREAT question!

We often find ourselves getting caught up in the beautiful moments we are creating, so expect somewhere between 100 - 300 photos, (sounds a lot but in reality it all happens so quickly). These will be made up of the following variations:

  • Various locations (not too far between them though)
  • Various poses
  • Various group combinations eg the boys, the girls, mum and dad, the whole family etc
  • NOTE: You may get wet to the ankles!

Leave it up to our capable photographers to ensure we get the best photos we can for your family.

If you booked the session only then we will organise a viewing time to look at your session's photos and for you to order your chosen prints or packages. This is held in the Photo Shop and usually the next day at a time our photographer will discuss with you at the shoot. Allow 45 minutes for this session too. This is a lovely slideshow with music in a relaxing environment, but unfortunately you may have the hard decisions later on of which to print, (or whether to just take the whole lot!)

Family Portrait Sessions at Tangalooma Island Resort

What is included?

This depends on which package you purchased, (the session only or pre-paid session and ALL digital files).

Both include the session which includes the following:

  • Approx 45 minute photo session
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple Poses
  • Multiple Combinations of family members

The session only includes:

  • Approx 45 minute viewing session which is a chance to review the work our photographers have done and choose your purchase options.

The pre-paid session and ALL digital files includes:

  • All high resolution (unedited) digital files from the shoot - normal value $495

NB The session only option DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY PRINTS OR FILES, these can be purchased separately, download our price list below:


Family Portrait Sessions at Tangalooma Island Resort