Tangalooma Photo Shop Action Camera Hire

Action Camera Hire (Includes All Required Accessories)

Capture your wildest adventures like never before with our Action Camera Hire at Tangalooma Island Resort. Whether you're diving into the crystal-clear waters, soaring through the sky on a parasail, motoring around on an ATV, or simply exploring the stunning landscapes, our top-of-the-line action cameras and accessories will ensure that every exhilarating moment is captured in high definition. Don't miss out on reliving your epic experiences - rent our action cameras and make memories that will last a lifetime!


  1. Action Camera
  2. Underwater housing (for snorkelling or water based activities)
  3. Chest mount (ideal for ATV Quad tours)
  4. Floation pole (ideal for snorkelling)
  5. Head mount (ideal for sand tobogganing)

NB: A 32GB Memory Card included to capture heaps of footage and stills. You keep this card at the end of your hire.

NB: For dolphin feeding, cameras are allowed to be taken out with you, but no cameras are allowed underwater.


Helicopter Joy Flights

ATV Quad Bike Tours

Sand Tobogganing




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Pricing & Packages

Same Day Hire

Capture every heart-pounding moment with Action Camera Hire. Our top-of-the-line action cameras and accessories are ready to join you on your wildest escapades, from snorkeling to parasailing and everything in between. This hire is for the same day only.


Overnight Hire

Capture every exhilarating moment of your adventures with Action Camera Hire! Whether you're diving into the deep blue sea, soaring through the sky, or conquering rugged terrains, our high-quality action cameras are your perfect companion. Overnight hire.


3 Day Hire

Our high-quality action cameras and accessories are here to make your thrilling experiences unforgettable. Whether you're snorkeling, parasailing, or embarking on a desert safari, our camera will capture all the action. 3 day hire.


7 Day Hire

From snorkeling to ATV rides, parasailing to dolphin feeding, our cameras are built to withstand the most extreme conditions and capture all the action in stunning video and stills. 7 day hire.


32GB Micro-SD Card INCLUDED (Yours to keep at the end of the hire)

Capture every thrilling moment with Action Camera Hire! With our convenient rental service, you'll receive one of our awesome action cameras along with a complimentary 32GB memory card to capture all your adventures. And the best part? You get to keep the memory card at the end of your hire, so you can relive those memories whenever you want. Need more storage? No worries! We offer larger capacity cards for purchase at the Tangalooma Photo Shop. Don't miss out on capturing life's greatest moments - rent an action camera today!