Welcome To The Team!

"Let me be the first to welcome you to not just a team, but the Photo Shop Family."

—Steve Wratten, Tangalooma Photo Shop Owner

Welcome to your new job!

Congratulations on your new role! In no time at all we will have trained and up and running as a fully fledged Photo Shop member! This will see you riding Quad bikes, climbing sand dunes and working around wild dolphins, amongst other things! How exciting!!!

Welcome to your new job!

Upon commencement of work we will need the following information from you so please ensure you bring it with you:

  • Tax File Number
  • Superannuation Details (If any)
  • Bank Details
  • Details of any HECS debts owing etc
Welcome to your new job!

You will also need to bring with you the following:

  • Beige work shorts (or longs)
  • Sand shoes eg sneakers etc
  • Wetsuit (or suitable plain dark shorts for dolphin feed)
  • Linen and pillows are provided but only basic, welcome to bring your own if you wish
  • Water bottle
Welcome to your new job!

At the Photo Shop we provide ALL required photographic equipment, but feel free to bring your own gear for your spare time.

Welcome to your new job!

Whilst this job is a lot of fun, with a great team, don't expect it to be an easy gig! We work long hours, (split shifts), we work mostly outdoors, regardless of the weather and elements, and we have an ever changing roster due to guest demands in the tourism industry. Put in the heard yards now and reap the rewards. This job offers many inspiring moments, lifetime friends, and an opportunity to hone and learn photographic practices, all in such a beautiful setting!

Welcome to your new job!