One of my favourite things is to mount canvases. For some people they play guitar, listen to music etc to chill out, but I find nothing more peaceful than the mounting of a canvas print. The beautiful texture of the canvas, the smell of the wood, and the overall sense of success when done right, (or failure if not - but that doesn't happen to often these days).

Canvas mounting is an art, and not as easy as many think. To begin with the wood is at a sloped angle on the side nearest the print front, and whilst this can be done by many a talented carpenter 4 traditional pieces of 2x1 pine simply won't give you the same results. Our canvas stretcher bars are brought in so they are all consistent and interlock securely.

We use Ilford Galicia Fine Art Canvas to print on which has a huge colour gamut, (that means an ability to display many colours). This canvas has beautiful texture and is nice and thick whilst still being able to be stretched out easily enough without cracking.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to mount a print, however, this can only be done once the print is completely dry as they are prone to scratching when wet. Usually I will leave a print overnight to dry. Watch our video time lapse video above for the process of how our canvases are mounted and I think you'll agree they are beautiful quality and really do each and every image justice.